Industrial Design

Models & prototypes

Industrial Design

Everything starts from an idea. We highly honor every idea as they are the basic for any innovation. We have good experience to convert the idea to a workable and producible product. We aim at actual manufacturability, but not just to design something that can not be produced.

Our Industrial Design services begin with the most important features, appearance and ergonomics. Utilizing the Industrial Design aspect of our new product design services we shall examine with you the conceptual development of the product. Here we shall evaluate, explore and refine concepts to arrive at the best form, fit, function and appearance.

After sketches are completed we shall present the client with examples of 3D CAD renderings of their new parts. Our photo-realistic images of your product in various colors, materials, textures, and environments can be used to create marketing materials, raise capital or to get feedback from different departments and customers before finalizing the design and tooling.

Upon receiving feedback from the 3D CAD renderings we can begin to fine-tune the design by moving into the Mechanical Engineering phase. Here we shall generate the 3D computer models of the parts and assemblies including all features that will be on the final products. With these 3D models can begin prototyping the product and then go to production tooling.




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